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Outsource Driver

3P Professional Company Limited.

Recruiting drivers to suit the specific functions is difficult

especially for the driver to meet the executive satisfaction is more difficult for the human resource department. Outsourcing driver service is a good and efficient alternative that can provide a qualified driver to serve at high expectation level. Moreover, there will be a stand by driver to fill in place whenever the regular driver is absent.

3P has a number of drivers that you can select to meet your satisfaction.
3P will provide all kind of personal assurance and keep all kind driving records and performance for your time to time evaluation.
3P will fill in the replacement whenever the regular driver is sick or absent.
3P can arrange for the driver that meet your requirement for the period of time agreed.
3P is responsible for prepaying salary and other benefits.

By law, 3P is the direct employer of the outsourced staff and is responsible to handle :

  • Paying wages, salary, premium, overtime and commission.
  • Paying into employer contributed fund, social insurance and dividend funds.
  • Employee Benefits

You can choose between permanent and temporary services.
Permanent service: Outsourced driver works as full time staff with no limited time.
Temporary service: Outsourced driver works as part time staff with specific period of time.

Basic qualifications of the outsourced drivers

Be able to work both on and off business hours.
Be able to work in Bangkok and up country.
Age 25 – 55
Possess updated valid driver license issued by the government
Good experience driving history record
Good health and no drug using record
Be able to replace by the new one upon request

3P will arrange for the drivers to wear uniform as specified by your company and carry identification card ready to be checked or audited.

All drivers have passed security checks and have no criminal records. 3P arranges for history of accidents for all drivers throughout the hiring period.

Insurance policy

3P will arrange to have insurance for damages caused by staff from 3P that are directly involved with this service both by financial and personal damages. This also includes the damages caused to individuals and the belongings of external parties.

Outsourced Drivers available for

  • Truck / Van Driver
  • Service Center Driver
  • Executive Driver