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Outsource PC / Contract PC

3P Professional Company Limited.

Outsourcing Product Consultant (PC) Service

3P is able to provide Outsourcing Product Consultant (PC) Service. We will recruit sales persons, handle payroll, premium, commissions and benefits to serve your requirement regardless of what your company is specialized in, where you are in Thailand and what products you sell, 3P can find Product Consultants to suit your products.

We will remove or replace the staff at your request and if you would like to switch any particular person to be your permanent staff, you can do so at any time.

3P provides Product Consultant both long term and short term contract.
3P will act on your behalf to perform human resource duties including payroll, paying premium, paying commission and staff benefits.
3P will be the employer by law and will be responsible to provide all legal employee benefit required by law including the social insurance and provident fund.

Criteria in outsourcing PC

3P arranges and selects qualified candidates. This includes interviewing the candidates prior to transfer them to you. You have the right to disqualify any candidates. 3P has no right to claim for the cost of the disqualified candidates whereby you have to advise the candidate within one day of the trial period. It is the right of 3P to pay the wages and offers benefits to the outsourcing staff at the rate of 3P agree with the staff. The staff will sell your products and any promotion products by following your policy whereby the staff will perform the tasks at the place and time indicated by your company. Traditional holiday for staff are as per your company’s regulation and under the rules governed by Labor Law. Overtime and working on the days off are either as per law or as agreed. 3P will advise the staff of your company’s policies as well as the rules of the place they are assigned to work by which the staff will abide. 3P will replace any disqualified staff upon your request. 3P will not charge the service fee from commission or incentives paid by the customer extend to the staff. 3P is acting as the employer of the outsourced PC as per labor law. 3P will pay the wages, benefits, overtime claims, commission and incentive (if any) to the staff at least once a month. 3P is responsible for keeping the application forms and the list of the staff names whereby they will be available for your auditing at all time. All staff are legally the 3P staff but under your supervision. 3P will contribute their social insurance and dividend funds as their employer by law. The staff does not have to pay any money to 3P and 3P will keep all your company information confidentially.

Other expenses

3P will prepaid for uniforms, operating work fee or any training fee as indicated by each department store.  3P also prepaid for the expenses to the staff that are assigned to work on special occasions, such as for the promotion to work in the other province and will reimburse from your company later.

Type of service

Long term contract service: The staff works for your company in the same manner as your regular permanent staff.
Short term contract service: The staff only works for your company on holidays or any promotion events as the part time employee.

Insurance policy

3P will arrange to have insurance for damages caused by staff from 3P that are directly involved with this service both by financial and personal damages. This also includes the damages caused to individuals and the belongings of external parties.

Insurance policy

Area of service