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We offer company incorporation services in Thailand.


Business registration / company incorporation
The services include processing assistance for business registration / company incorporation in Thailand for : Thai Private Co., Ltd. Representative Offices, BOI Promotion for Companies.

Additional Services

We provide bookkeeping and virtual office support, assistance with trade mark registrations, and assistance obtaining import and export licenses.

We Assist with :

  • Company name selection
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Association
  • Preparation of registration application
  • Drafting of business objectives / articles of incorporation / company by-laws
  • Formation of shareholder structure, and coordination of Thai shareholders
  • Selection of initial capitalization level
  • Creation of company seal/stamp
  • Selection and designation of accountant/auditor
  • Corporate Tax Registration
  • VAT registration
  • Social Fund registration
  • Opening of Thai bank account
  • Obtaining factory licenses and permits

Additional Services

Additional processes that we have experience supporting include :

  • Registering trade marks
  • Hiring Thai staff
  • Securing virtual office support
  • Developing company logo
  • Obtaining graphics and printing support
  • Establishing website presence
  • Obtaining import and export licenses

We provide routine administrative support for firms seeking minutes of shareholder meetings to :

  • Establish bank account
  • Appoint or change directors
  • Increase capitalization
  • Appoint or change auditor

Processing of changes to company registration :

  • Change directors
  • Change company capitalization
  • Change address
  • Process sales and transfers of shares

We also provide monthly bookkeeping support to client firms.