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Office Staff

  • Accountant
  • Administrative
  • Messenger
  • Bill collector
  • Saleperson

Hospital Staff

  • CSSD
  • External Transporter
  • Internal Transporter (Mobile)
  • Linin
  • Nurse


  • Executive driver
  • Pool driver
  • Shuttle driver

PC Staff

  • PC Staff

Go-down staff

  • Go-down keeper
  • Go-down worker


  • Data entry
  • Reception
  • Operator
  • Call Center
  • Telesales

Pros of using Staff Outsourcing

  • No cost for recruitment and training
  • Make replacement of any staff as your requirement
  • Professional staff
  • Free consultation about Labour Law from expert
  • Increasing or reducing of organization' staff without problem arise

Scope of Service

  • Provide staff for you to carry out your job at your office or location designated.
  • Recruit and screen the prospective staff including interviewing before sending them to you. You have the right to reject any of them.
  • Making known to staff the rules and regulations, statutory or your internally set up, relating to staff’s job assignments, and shall Endeavor to ensure staff’s compliance thereof.
  • Keep and maintain staff’s employment applications and personal records and you have the right to make access to these records for inspection at all times.


  • Pay to staff at least once a month all wage, salaries, including allowances, overtime, if any.
  • The employer’s contribution to Social Security Fund and Workmen compensation Fund.
  • Staff is our employee we will be responsible for payments as required under the Labor Law.
  • Prepare summary report of employee’s income, deductions, allowances, and/or to prepare other reports in such formats as to be agreed
  • Distribute individual net income of employees to their respective bank accounts within the scheduled date of each month.
  • Issue confidential pay slips to employees by paper or email
  • Maintain record of employee income, leaves and absences for you access at all time.