Staff Outsourcing Service

Staff outsourcing service has been designed to reduce the burden on the organization of clients in all aspects of HR management. 3P has high efficiency and experienced staff that can be handle HR’s aspect more efficiency. We know that efficiency recruitment and management are effected to business growth. Therefore, let us take care of HR management on your behalf so you can spend time focusing on your business development to the fullest potential.


Service details

Let employees acknowledge and comply with the rules or regulations that you have specified

Retain application forms and create employee roster for you access at all time.

Compile and prepare salaries, overtime, income, and deductions of employees.

Calculate tax, social security fund, cumulative money, according to the company's regulations and laws.

Prepare documents according to social security regulations, compensation fund and provident fund

Coordinate for exercising social security rights, compensation funds such as medical treatment and others.

Edit employee information for social security, such as changing or selecting hospitals, to in-out notification.

Summary report shows details of income, deductions and/or other reports as agreed format.

employees to their bank accounts within the scheduled date of each month.

Issue confidential pay slips to employees via email or paper.

Maintain record of employee income, leaves and absences for you access at all time.

Report and summarizing personal income tax, issuing withholding tax certificate.

No need to waste your time on recruitment anymore.
We can outsource the best and suitable staff for you


Staff outsourcing in Thailand involves hiring employees through a third-party provider to perform tasks or projects for your business. This allows companies to access skilled workers without the need for direct employment.

Staff outsourcing can help your business in Thailand reduce costs, access specialized skills, increase flexibility, and focus on core activities by delegating non-core tasks to external professionals.

A wide range of roles can be outsourced in Thailand, including administrative support, IT, customer service, driver, messenger, receptionist, and more.

Yes, you can be involved in the selection process in Thailand. We present you with a shortlist of candidates based on your requirements, and you can interview and choose the ones that best fit your needs.

The costs of staff outsourcing in Thailand can vary depending on the role, the level of expertise required, the duration of the contract, and the specific terms of the agreement. Generally, you pay a fee to the outsourcing provider in Thailand, which covers the employee’s salary, benefits, and administrative costs. It’s important to discuss and understand all fees and charges upfront to ensure there are no hidden costs.