Payroll Service

Payroll is arguably the largest expense for businesses, and running it can be a daunting task. The process can be time-consuming, and errors can result in both unhappy employees and fines. To ease the burden, many businesses are turning to use payroll outsourcing services. The service handle all of a business’s payroll processing, payments, tax, social security, workmen compensation fund and many more.

3P Professional has been in payroll business more than 20 years. We have professional who can provide efficient service and unique payroll program to support different clients condition.

Work Process

Payroll processing. Manage Social Security, tax, provident fund and more.

Upload verified payroll to the bank preparing for disbursement

Salary disbursement to employee on schedule date

Issue payslip or email payslip

Disbursements tax, Social Security Fund to related government department

payroll report 

Coordinate with Social Security office to register new employee and withdraw leave employee

Manage Workmen Compensation Fund 

Keep and manage employee’s information and document by using standard system and strictly confidential

Free employee application – clock in/out, e-leave, e-switch workday, e-profile and more

Free consultation service relating to Thai labor law

Service Flow

What will you get ?

Complete payroll service

Time Attend Application

Payroll processing program

Other report as per request

Program calculate day off, late, overtime and so on

Payroll report can be set in agreed format

Free consultation service relating to Thai labor law

Reduce burden of HR administrative work

Reduce amount of hard copy document to be stored

We understand the pain point of doing payroll. It’s super detail and headache.
Don’t you think it’s much better If you let us handle for you.
You will have more time to focus on your core business to generate more profit