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Outsourcing Service

Thailand's leading provider of total HR solution. Lets us take care of HR's role for you.
So you can focus more on expanding your core business.

Our Services

Staff Outsourcing Service

Staffiing as per clients need. 3P will ensure that all HR related work is performed efficiently and comply with all the rules and regulations of Thai labour laws.

Payroll Service

Payroll Servide is designed for clients who want to focus on core business. 3P will ensure that all the clients's staff receive the right amount of salary at the right time.

Time Attend Application

A new innovative method to check in and check out for staff at work with better efficiency and accuracy.

Pros of Outsourcing Services

  • Lower labour cost

Lower the humane resource management operating expenses

  • can focus more on core business

Be able to spend full time focusing on core business that can generate revenue to the company

  • More efficency and accuracy

The service is provided by expertise who have much experience

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