Secondment Service

Are you looking to expand your business into Thailand?

If you are looking for an efficient way to grow your employees fast and professionally, then let 3P support you.

3P secondment service is the most flexible, cost-effective method for both your business and employees to grow. When you are using 3P secondment services, 3P becomes the legal employer of your staff and second them back to you under a service agreement. 3P secondment contract allows you to remove all the unnecessary costs and time associated with setting up and maintaining a legal entity, investing minimum capital, annual company administration, etc. – allowing you to expand into Thailand with no time wasting.

Why Choose Secondment Service ?

Be a solution to Business Expansion or solution to a Headcount Freeze, secondment service provide clients with great flexibility and ensures that you can quickly scale up and down before taking the plunge. This is especially true in the case of business expansion. As a guideline, hiring under a secondment service is at least 50% cheaper than setting up a legal entity when expanding your business to a foreign location.

Secondment Service can help company to save more time by enabling you to hire immediately and allow you to focus more on core business and business growth

Professional HR administration

Can create procedures and strategies for an effective HR hiring process. Providing professional tracking services, policies and guidelines that comply with laws and regulations.

Effective HR Management

Gain access to payroll records, employee benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick-time reports regardless of internal staff availability.

Work culture

Help redefine your company’s work culture, work ethic and attract the right talent to your business. Improvements in employee productivity will also positively impact your market expansion.


What does 3P Secondment Service include ?

Discuss terms of employment

Prepare employment agreement

Administer monthly social security employee/employer contributions

Calculate and pay employee salaries

Calculate and submit tax to revenue department

Keep employee salary records

Keep employee annual leave records

Keep employee sick leave records

Keep employee sick leave records

Solution to business expansion or to a headcount freeze