What is PEO Service?

A professional employer organization (PEO) is an organization that enters into a joint-employment relationship with an employer by leasing employees to the employer, thereby allowing the PEO to share and manage many employee-related responsibilities and liabilities. This allows employers to outsource their human resource functions, such as employee benefits, compensation and payroll administration, workers’ compensation, and employment taxes.

Advantages of PEO Service

PEO service could help companies hire employees fast without having to set up legal entities in foreign jurisdictions and deal with thing related HR, Benefits, Payroll, Tax, and Accounting issues.

  • Hiring, Benefits & PayrollOnboard employees fast with legally-compliant employment contracts, gain access to comprehensive employee health insurance benefits, and ensure payroll is timely and accurate.
  • Compliance – Complete legal and financial guidance that ensures compliance with all in-country governance rules i.e. employment law, taxation, accounting updates in-country to ensure we are always compliant.

  • Immigration & Global Mobility – Deep expertise in visas, work permits, global mobility, expatriate tax.

  • Human Resources – Support employees from the point of hire to retirement (H2R) – covering staffing, employment contracts, offer letters, employee handbooks, employment law advisory, compensation and benefits, terminations (when required), and more

  • Reduced Costs – Using a PEO allows you to skip expensive and time-consuming processes. The biggest cost saver is in not having to establish a separate legal entity in Thailand.

  • Testing a New Market With No Risks – Laws related to employment, taxes and employee benefits are constantly changing, and a good PEO service provider stays up to date with these changes, so you can rest assured that your business runs in a compliant manner.

Do PEO Work in My Industry?

PEO work with companies in all industries ranging from accounting firms to and small manufacturers to doctors and mechanics. Many different types of professionals benefit from PEO services, including:

  • Services
  • Construction
  • Transportation & Utilities
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing
  • Other (public administration, finance, insurance, real estate, and mining markets)

The PEO became the less costly and efficient solution to the intricate employment and labor laws that confronted all type of businesses.

The growth of the PEOs has been considerable over the last two decades. PEO will grow more given that more companies prefer to partner with PEOs, especially when expanding abroad to countries like Thailand.